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Jeff Russell has been established as a commercial photographer for more than nine years.

He has worked with many different clients from multi-nationals to individuals and is as comfortable shooting for corporate clients as he is for fashion.

Based in south-east England, Jeff Russell Photography is ideally suited to serve clients throughout London and the rest of the UK.

"Wherever I work the subject matter is always diverse which adds to the enjoyment of what I do".

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Working with state-of-the-art, high-resolution digital cameras, we operate a fully ICC colour managed RGB workflow to ensure maximum colour consistency through to print or web publication.

We can supply high or low resolution images in TIFF or JPEG format via the internet or on CD in a range of different sizes depending on your needs.

An original JPEG is a compressed version of a TIFF or RAW file and loses quality after repeated opening and re-saving. We therefore recommend that if you intend to use a JPEG image frequently that you save a copy as a TIFF or PSD once downloaded.

Once opened and uncompressed, JPEG images are much larger than the space they occupy on disc. For example, a 300dpi JPEG image that is A3 can take up just 5MB of disc space compared to 34MB as a TIFF file. This means that even designers with slow modems can easily download the best quality images as JPEGS.

We are also happy to shoot traditional FILM, which can be scanned and, once again, supplied on CD or via the internet.

Digital retouching and manipulation can be carried out using Adobe Photoshop.

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